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Individual Therapy for Adults (18+)

Individual therapy is amazing and transformative work. If you have never been to therapy before, it typically consists of once weekly sessions that run about 50 minutes long. This, of course, may vary from person to person depending on the need. The beginning part of therapy is spent getting to know one another and building a supportive and trusting relationship. With those two things, it is possible to do the work involved in therapy. 

Therapy at Verbena Counseling will often times go beyond just talk therapy. Depending on the goals and desires of the client, sessions may include: 

  • Activities that can help the client become more aware of feelings, both emotionally and physically, and what is needed to improve quality of life and relationships (polyvagal, IFS, DBT, NARM). 

  • Meditations/Mindfulness activities

  • Walk and talk therapy

  • Yoga/movement

  • Art

If you have questions, or would like to schedule an initial session, please click here to contact me. 


Verbena Counseling is offering video-based therapy that is HIPAA Compliant. 

On a Video Call

Illinois laws are continually changing and shifting, but currently all insurance companies are required to cover teletherapy, with the exception of  some self-funded plans. 

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